Renew Workshop

What is Renew Workshop?

Have you ever felt “stuck”?  Creatively stuck?  Personally stuck?  Do you feel bound to your computer?  Overwhelmed with editing?  Inbox overflowing?  A To-Do list a mile long?  Have you ever felt like your systems were ineffective?  Your workflow disorganized?  Are you unsure of how to relate to your clients; how to bring the best out of them during photo shoots?  Do you find yourself focusing on fixing your weaknesses instead of embracing your strengths?  Have you ever wanted to be a fly on another photographers wall to see how they shoot, edit, and manage their time?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then you should check out Renew Workshop; The 2012 Renew Workshop Tour starts in Raleigh, NC this February and ends Lubbock, TX on March 31st. Don't miss your chance to get inspired and renewed.

Focus Areas

  1. Photography - taking better pictures, editing, and growing your business
  2. Business - automating your workflow so that you can be free from the computer
  3. Personal Growth - since your workflow will be automated, you will have time to focus on your dreams and ambitions.

I will be a complete open book…you can ask me anything.  You will see how I run my photography business from my home office, how I interact with clients, how I edit, how I automate my workflow, how I manage my To-Do list, my mindset as to how I market my business, and how I stay renewed.

Topics Covered

  • Interacting with Clients
  • Setting up an Automated workflow
  • Focusing on your Strengths
  • Managing your To-Do list
  • Creating Photo Shop actions
  • How to Run Batch Actions

Head over to the website for more details on dates, registration, and workshop specifics. I hope to see you this spring!