For the Love

What is For the Love?

Being a photographer comes with an enormous amount of pressure. Not only must we carry the weight of owning a small business – investing our time, money, dreams, and resources into equipment, education, and marketing in a rapidly evolving industry - but we must relentlessly create beautiful, inventive, and remarkable memories that our clients will cherish forever. We must constantly create. And we must always be different.

Many of you are pursuing your dreams as a wedding photographer. Others of you are pursuing your dreams as a portrait photographer. Either way, you are constantly challenged to create images that are not only different from your last photo shoot, but also different from any other photographer around. Let’s face it, it’s getting hard to stay creative and happy with all of the pressure you are faced with on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes you just want to get away from it all and find new inspiration.

Different than other workshops

For the Love is not like any other workshop. It’s designed as an all-inclusive spiritual retreat with the benefits of a photography workshop. At For the Love, you will encounter God in a deep way while learning from successful photographers who rely on God for creative inspiration. You will have a chance to get away from the constant demand of your career and seek God over your business in a quiet, secluded location. You will not only draw inspiration from fellow photographers, believers, and friends, but also draw inspiration from the creator of creativity…God.

This workshop is a wonderful balance of spirit, education, and vacation. If you are longing for the chance to take a break from your day to day business to rekindle your artistic inspiration, then you should come to For the Love. This workshop will renew your mind, refresh your spirit, and rejuvenate your creativity. You will remember why you signed up for this amazing career. You will remember that it was all for the love. For the love of God… the love of life… the love of photography.

It’s all For the Love.