Rejuvenating photography workshops

Being a photographer is the ultimate dream job.  You spend your time going to beautiful places, photographing wonderful people.  I'm constantly looking for ways to get better at what I do, and to help others do the same.  I run two photography workshops.  One is a week-long photography workshop retreat called For the Love, and the other is a full-day workshop called Renew.  These workshops are great learning experiences for anyone in the business.  For seasoned pros and fresh beginners, they provide an amazing environment of camaraderie and inspiration for photographers.

For everything from learning about white balance to capturing a wedding, photography workshop retreats like For the Love and Renew are great ways to gain insights, knowledge, and inspiration.  Get in touch with other photographers, share tricks of the trade, get a little R&R so you can jump back into the photography fray with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

For the Love Workshop

For the Love is a week-long retreat from the hassles and stresses of life.  We've hosted the workshop all over the country, in beautiful locations.  The goal of the workshop is to give photographers a chance to rest, learn, and to be inspired by the creator of creativity – God.  A week of artistic renewal and rejuvenation, photography workshops, field trips, and more can give you a boost and new skills to apply to your photography business.

Renew Workshop

Renew workshops run frequently, and they also take place all over – I really do love to travel!  An all-day, intensive workshop, Renew is fun, informative, and inspiring.  You'll get opportunities to put new skills into practice during real photo shoots with models.  You'll learn some tricks to streamline your photography business.  You'll benefit from learning with a small group of other dedicated photographers.  You'll be renewed!

If you have questions about these photography workshops or would just like to connect about them, please feel free to contact me.