Bunn Family Adventure Session

Wednesday, December 14, 2016 Posted in Portraits 
Raleigh Family Photographer

Meet my dear friends, the Bunns. We've been friends for ages now, and somehow God saw it fit that they would relocate from the DC area to Raleigh, and we'd build houses right beside each other. Before this year, we'd only see each other during the holidays, and we would dream about what it would look like to live in community. Who knew that those dreams were going to become a reality!! Shane and I adore this family, and we are so lucky to call them our friends. When I scroll down and browse through these images, I get a little emotional at the thought that we'll be a part of their children's lives on a daily basis. I mean...look at those faces...could we BE any luckier (Chandler Bing reference).

Also, I have to take a minute to give Jon a shout out. He is an INCREDIBLE real estate agent...we know that first hand. He's made himself available for all of our questions about building this house, and on top of that, he goes to bat for us...making sure our builder is taking care of us. If you know of anyone any need of a real estate agent..seriously, send them Jon's way. Raleigh is lucky to have him in the area. For real.

Another thing....this adventure session was taken in our back yard. How fun!

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