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Thursday, January 26, 2012 Posted in Workshops 

If you are a friend of mine on facebook, or a fan of my business've noticed that I've been talking a lot about a Renew Workshop. I wanted to take a few minutes to explain what Renew is all about and why I am so passionate about it.

First, let me start with a quick overview of my journey into photography. It started on Christmas morning in 2000....I opened my first SLR camera. From that day on, I was addicted to photography. I mostly spent my time dreaming about being a National Geographic photographer; sitting on a hill above an African village, photographing the culture of far away places. There were few times that you would see a little high school Ginny Dowdy without a camera. I was even voted camera queen my junior year. See my embarrassing yearbook picture below.

Then, in 2004...I married my best friend.

At that point in my life, I was a married college student with a part time job at a daycare. So, I put my love of photography on the back burner and pursued my elementary education degree. Two years later, I received my first digital SLR for Christmas..a Canon xTi. My love for photography was reawakened. I loved being able to see my pictures immediately, and I could rock out some really awesome, over saturated, highly-contrasted edits through my free Picasa Web editing software (lol!). So, I began photographing children that were in my daycare classroom. At that point, I was finishing up my education degree at East Carolina University, interning at Wahl-Coates Elementary School, working at Greenville OB-GYN, all while pursuing my hobby/dream of photography. My life was pure chaos.

Looking back, I have NO idea how I managed it all. The only resolution I have is that I was blinded by my love of photography. I was moved to tears while watching parents break down crying after viewing images from their photo shoot. I realized, right then and there, that photography was WAY more than just snapping photos and rocking out awesome edits. It was having the ability to stop and preserve time. So, one thing led to another, and I began to book real family sessions, and then eventually weddings. Everything snowballed quickly. I remember teaching 4th grade from 6 am- 7:30pm, going home and cooking dinner, and then editing until midnight. That was a normal Mon-Fri routine. On the weekends, I would spend all day (Saturday and Sunday) at the park photographing family sessions. I would photograph around 10 family sessions a weekend. Reflecting back on that period in my life, I am still overwhelmed with love for my husband. Never once did he complain about my schedule. He ALWAYS supported my dreams. Eventually. after two years of that crazy schedule, I was able to quit teaching, and become a full-time photographer.

It was a rocky journey, full of peaks and valleys. However, my dream was bigger than my obstacles. I remember spending hours and hours editing every photo from a photography session only to be deflated when my client would order one 4x6. Over time, I was drowning in a sea of edits. My to-do list was out of control. My inbox was overflowing with clients asking when their pictures would be ready. Within my first year of being a full-time photographer, I realized that I was heading down Burnout Ave. The dream I had envisioned became a nightmare. Out of that nightmare came the birthing of Renew Workshop.

Renew Workshop is the product of my chaos. Over the past two years, I decided to really pursue a system that worked for me. I took a step back and reviewed the pitfalls of my young career, then created a workshop based on all the things I wish someone would've told me when I first started out. We go over things like "After a session, what are the steps you take from start to finish (downloading images- to uploading to your client gallery)?" Or, "How do you interact with your clients?" Or, "What companies do you use in your photography business (like album companies, studio management, editing software, outsourcing, client proofing, etc)?" I even discuss the ways I stay renewed while juggling so many different things. Sometimes, every photographer just needs simple advice and a community of other photographers as a support system. That is the heart of Renew Workshop. I want it to be a place where I can talk casually with other photographers about the things that I implemented that brought me success, and the other things that I invested in that ended up being a huge waste of time and money. It's an entire Saturday committed to getting control of your photography business so that you can live a free and Renewed life. Isn't life short enough already? There's no need in missing out on the things in life that bring you so much joy. Right?

So, that is the foundation of's the heart beat of this workshop. If any of that registered with you, then you should come. The first Renew will be in 2 weeks in Raleigh, NC. Then in March, I will be heading to Austin, Dallas, and Lubbock, TX...then the adventure concludes in Nashville, TN. The exciting news is that I will be giving away one free seat at each location next Tuesday (Jan 31st). Then, registration opens the day after (Wednesday, Feb. 1st). For more detailed information, head over to the website. To be reminded about registration, or to stay in the loop about Renew Workshop, then take a quick second to sign up for the newsletter. (Don't worry, I'm not a huge fan of spam. So, if you sign up for the newsletter, you will only receive a couple of newsletters a year.) As always, thank you for reading my blog.

"Within my first year of being a full-time photographer, I realized that I was heading down Burnout Ave. The dream I had envisioned became a nightmare. Out of that nightmare came the birthing of Renew Workshop."
~ Ginny Corbett
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  1. Munoz27Juliet Jan 30th, 2012 5:34AM

    Make your own life more easy take the home loans and all you want.

  2. Allison Dameron Jan 26th, 2012 2:57PM

    I am so glad that I got to be apart of your photography adventures. From sitting in your townhouse watching you edit for hours to being your assistant for a while! And of course enjoying all the pictures you have taken of my growing family over the years! LOVE YOU!!!!

  3. Mike Jan 26th, 2012 2:55PM

    Thank you for sharing, Ginny! You are such an encouragement! And it even goes beyond photography. You live your life with a purpose and you bless others in the process. Keep shootin' for Jesus, Miss Ginny!

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Matt & Julie | NC Vineyard Wedding Photography

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 Posted in Wedding 

October of 2010 was when Matt and Julie said their "I dos". Since then, I've always hoped that we could get back together for a "Day After" photo shoot with them in their wedding day attire. My dreams came true right before Christmas. Julie needed some bridal portraits and we convinced Matt to come along. We found a cute little vineyard and a run down house. (aka A Photographer's DREAM!) The only tricky part of the day was dodging the rain. I usually prefer sunny days over cloudy days, but luckily we still had some colors left on the trees due to NC's unseasonably mild winter. But seriously, I couldn't be happier with the outcome. I love having clients that become my life long friends.

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  1. Tammy Molnar Feb 7th, 2012 3:02PM

    Absolutely stunning photos! Love how you capture the sweet romance of this couple. Great job Ginny!!

  2. Julie Favis Jan 26th, 2012 4:32PM

    You are crazy talented!

  3. Angie Lee Jan 24th, 2012 3:09PM

    Absolutely beautiful!!

  4. Todd Pinckney Jan 24th, 2012 1:35PM

    Your work always inspires me Ginny! I love this post. My favs are the one of them lying on the blanket and him kissing her neck. Beautiful!

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Changes | Raleigh, NC Photography

Saturday, January 21, 2012 Posted in Personal 

It all started a couple of months ago. I blamed it on the fact that I was able to travel to so many beautiful places around the U.S.. Shane and I even started spending our car rides dreaming aloud about how cool it would be. But the more I dwelled on it, the more it didn't make sense. It was simple, we couldn't move. We didn't have any reason to. But the truth was, I was loosing my contentment in Greenville. It was the weirdest feeling. There were no reasons why my heart was growing unhappy here. Nothing had changed; I still loved my friends, my church, my home, our jobs. But, I couldn't shake it, my heart was restless here. It almost felt like I was unhappy. Not in a circumstantial way, but in a destiny, I was being called somewhere else. So, instead of doing something about it, I had come to terms with that fact that I had to bury my feelings and get over this restlessness, because what we have here in Greenville is enough. Or, is it?

I finally decided that I needed to talk to my dear friend, Melissa Helser, while we were at For the Love Workshop. I'll never forget sitting with her in our Oregon mountain lodge, at a red and white checkered table, pouring my heart out about my unexplainable discontentment with where we lived. I almost felt ashamed of myself...what is there not to love about Greenville? Again, my best friends live here, I'm at an amazing church, I'm close to my family, and oh how I love my beautiful home. But, I knew if I talked to Melissa, she would give it to me straight. She has a way of seeing through my words....straight to my heart. It's like she translates my feelings into what God is trying to teach me through it all. So, she said, in the matter-of-fact way that I love, "Well, sounds like you should move.". I was taken aback. The only place Shane and I dreamed about moving to was Oregon. I even said that to her, but she suggested that we move to the piedmont region of NC instead. I immediately started a mental dialogue with myself. "Move? Hmmmm....that can't be what we're supposed to do. God is blessing us so much in Greenville. Shane loves his job. Why would we move?" So, I put my internal wrestle with contentment on the back burner. I appreciated her input, but I didn't see that as a possibility. So, I left the topic alone.

Two weeks after For the Love, I was in San Diego at PartnerCon. Shane was in Arizona on a business trip. There were many times on that trip where we tried to talk on the phone, but our schedules didn't line up. So, after I got home, he texted me and said that he really needed to talk to me. I knew that it had to be important, because Shane never has to talk to me about anything. So, I made it a point to call him.

I was bracing myself for something bad. (Why is it when someone has to talk to you, you expect the worse?) The phone rang twice and then he answered. "I've been offered a promotion to be the sales manager at our Raleigh office." A smile slowly spread across my face. The whole story was starting to come into focus. Discontentment. A desire to move. A feeling that there was something more on the horizon. It was like a lightbulb lit up a dark room, and revealed the mysterious blueprint that I had suspected was before us, but couldn't see it yet. It was all starting to make sense.

As soon as Shane told me about this opportunity, I was on board; no questions asked. I knew it was what we were supposed to do. However, it wasn't REAL yet. I didn't feel the emotion of leaving our town. I just felt excitement about the new adventure. I was ready for Shane to say "yes" to the new job opportunity that day. But, that is how Shane and I are polar opposites. I quickly say "yes" or "no" based on my feelings. I don't really think about what all that entails. However, he calculates every decision; thinks through every scenario before jumping into a situation. That's what I love about him. So, from November 13th through Dec 6th I was stuck in the most horrific game of limbo. Are we moving? Are we staying? It was awful, but I had to sit back and let Shane make the call.

So, I'm sure you know what the outcome of this blog is....we ARE in fact moving to Raleigh. We announced it right before Christmas on facebook. But, it still didn't feel real until we put the "For Sale" sign in the yard this week. Now, that everything is set in motion, I'm starting to face the reality of this transition. Just this weekend, one of our best friend's family (who we've lived in the same neighborhood with for 7 years) dropped by to visit. As soon as I saw them in front of our house, (their daughter on her cute little bike; their son racing across our yard; our best friends that we've known for over a decade) I had to do everything I could to stuff down the tears.

This is going to be tough, but in all, I know that it's going to be an exciting adventure. So, with that said, I'm excited to share with you a couple of pictures that Raleigh Video Home Tours took of our house. They even created a fancy website for us with gorgeous photos and videos. You can view that here. If you know of anyone that is looking for a cute home, then send them our way. Thanks for tuning into my blog. I always cherish your facebook likes, Pinterest posts, and blog comments.

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  1. Trent Jan 23rd, 2012 5:32PM

    SO excited for you my friend. you know it is meant to be. can't wait to see the rest of you & shane's story continue to unfold!

  2. Mike Jan 23rd, 2012 4:45PM

    Ginny, I'm so proud of you & Shane for taking the step of faith. I know God will use y'all mightily...wherever He takes you. I love the photos of your home. If I were in the market and looking to relocate.... :)

  3. Ginny Jan 23rd, 2012 12:19PM

    Thanks guys! I appreciate all your encouragement. It's going to be hard moving to another city, but the good news is that it's not that far away.

  4. Jenny White Jan 23rd, 2012 12:12PM

    I am so glad that you shared this. We are going through the same thought process now (the not having contentment in Greenville and wanting a new adventure) and it is so refreshing to hear your story and how it turned out. Good luck with finding a new owner of your Greenville home and finding a new home for yourselves! Greenville won't be the same without you! So grateful that we had the opportunity to meet and be photographed by such a sweet and talented person!

  5. Casey Nichols Chappell Jan 23rd, 2012 12:07PM

    Welcome to Raleigh love!! My home away from home. Raleigh will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart. I can't wait to see you bloom as you plant your life in the City of Oaks. And what I might be most excited about is the next time I'm in Raleigh and have a photographer get together like I try to do each time... you might get to be there!!!!! :)

  6. Danielle Smith Jan 23rd, 2012 11:37AM

    Wow! Beautiful house!!! Love what you have done with it. All the canvas pictures are so pretty!! Congrats on your new move!

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