Time to party

I love taking photos at the reception. People let loose, laugh out loud, express their unedited joy. Using photojournalistic digital wedding photography methods, I'm on hand to catch those fleeting moments of happiness. I'm always ready to get that perfect shot. I love capturing humor and smiles, gestures of affection and expressions of love. You get to party as husband and wife for the first time at your reception. It's a party you'll want to remember forever.

What a picture is really worth

The key to great photojournalistic wedding photography is not only a quick shutter release, but a quicker eye for artistic composition. Each shot should be fun, genuine, and beautiful. After all, you are! The best part of receptions for me as a photographer is the mix of people, the décor, the movement. There's so much to look at, each ribbon and flower, each song, each smile blending into an exquisite texture of warmth and sincerity – a texture you'll remember every time you look through your wedding pictures. And that's their true worth: they're time machines, taking you back to the day of your wedding.

My wedding photography style

The most important thing to find in a wedding photographer is how comfortable you feel with them, and whether or not their style matches yours. To get a better feel for my style, take a look through my wedding photography portfolio. You'll see how I compose my portraits, what kind of candid pictures I take, and how I process my images.

If you like what you see, please contact me! I can't wait to meet you.

Kay Peebles Kay Peebles

Ginny Corbett Photography

Your love shines through every photograph.  As I watched you photograph Julie & Beruk’s wedding, I saw your love and passion.  What a wonderful blessing for us all.

Ginny Corbett Photography

Kay Peebles