Wedding Photojournalism

I use both wedding photojournalism and portraiture in order to fully capture your wedding. Thoughtful, natural portraits are wonderful, but sometimes the best pictures are the ones that aren't planned. You can't script a teary eye, or an inside joke, or those occasional mistakes that turn into the fondest memories. When shooting like a documentary, wedding photographers can help you remember the whole experience of your wedding – not just the parts you posed for.

Subtlety is key

I like to move around; I try to get all the angles and to see everything! I think of it as painting a picture of the day. Each photo builds more of the memory around you, so when you page through your wedding album years from now, you'll find yourself immersed in that joyful day.

A big part of good wedding photojournalism is subtlety. People have a hard time relaxing when they know they're being photographed. Most of the time, you won't even know I'm there. Candid photographs are the best when people's reactions and emotions are right there on their faces, unedited, heartfelt and sincere. I do my best to blend into the background and become a piece of unobtrusive scenery so no one will feel self-conscious.

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Look through my portfolio to see some photojournalistic wedding photography. You'll get a feel for my style, the way I shoot, and the emotion and personality I try to capture with each image. If you like my style, feel free to contact me. I'd love to meet you!

Kay Peebles Kay Peebles

Ginny Corbett Photography

Your love shines through every photograph.  As I watched you photograph Julie & Beruk’s wedding, I saw your love and passion.  What a wonderful blessing for us all.

Ginny Corbett Photography

Kay Peebles