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This is it. The day you've been preparing for ever since he asked, "Will you?" Weeks, months of planning have gone into this. From readings to roses, you've pored over every detail, all the while absorbing the idea that you'll soon be going from Miss to Mrs. And now that the moment is here, the details of the ceremony can become a blur – once you hit the aisle and his eyes meet yours, they're all that's important. I'll be your other pair of eyes, the pair that sees your in-laws laughing happy tears into their handkerchiefs, that sees the flower girl playing with the petals left in her basket, that captures those quiet moments of real emotion.

Natural wedding day photography

I use photojournalistic, documentary wedding photography techniques to record your wedding. With subtlety and a trained eye for on-the-fly composition, I'll preserve moments and details from your ceremony that you would be glad to hang on your wall. There's beauty in everything, and I strive to capture it. Unposed wedding day photography is honest and genuine, helping you remember what it was like being among friends and family, celebrating your love together.

I make it my goal to capture everything during your ceremony. From the big moments (the rings, the vows, the I dos) to the little details, the photographs I take will build up your memories of the day. Maybe it's the look your mother and mother-in-law share as you say your vows. Maybe it's the way you're biting your lip, waiting for the "You may kiss the bride." Maybe it's the ribbon tied around the guests chairs, dancing in the summer air. Each and every detail is important, because they're pieces of your celebration, adding color and life to your memories.

Take a look

The best way to get a sense of my photojournalistic style is by looking through my portfolio. Each wedding Is different. With each photo, I've tried to capture the feeling of the day – all that joy, those inside jokes, the unique personalities - the love practically leaks out of them.

So, please, take a look, and imagine how it'll be to look through your wedding day photographs one day. I'd love to meet you. Feel free to contact me today.

Kay Peebles Kay Peebles

Ginny Corbett Photography

Your love shines through every photograph.  As I watched you photograph Julie & Beruk’s wedding, I saw your love and passion.  What a wonderful blessing for us all.

Ginny Corbett Photography

Kay Peebles