More than just a pretty face

The tradition of taking bridal portraits has become more and more popular. It's a chance for the bride to take a day off from the stress of planning and preparing her wedding, and to remember the important things: that, in a few weeks, she'll be married to her best friend, there will be a gold ring on her finger, and she'll have a whole life full of love and surprises and joy ahead of her.

The best wedding photographer takes photos you recognize as yourself – your true self. When I take bridal portraits, I'll be sure to capture not only your lovely dress and hair and makeup, but I'll also capture your inner beauty, all those things that make you unique. Thoughtful, eager, blissful, mischievous, sweet – your bridal pictures will show the real you.

Bridal portraits to remember

Not everyone chooses to take bridal portraits. But those who do never regret it. Whether you choose to use your bridal portraits in your invitations, programs, wedding album, or if you'll simply frame one to set on your husband's desk, bridal pictures are a memory preserved, a reminder of the excitement you felt.

It's also a way to practice being a bride. In your dress, in nice makeup, with your hair all done, it can be easy to feel nervous. A bridal photography session will help you get comfortable. I'll help you be yourself, and when you see your photos, you'll see how truly lovely you are. On your wedding day, you won't have to worry – you'll already know you're gorgeous!

Naturally beautiful

I love to shoot outdoors. It's something about the breeze and the sunlight. It brings out the inner glow of a bride. If there are locations that are important to you – maybe where you first kissed, or the spot in the park where he proposed – I'm more than willing to travel to them. When the environment brings memories alive in you, your bridal portraits will be radiant and beautifully unique.

Take a look through my portfolio. No fake smiles or stiff poses – just brides, each one extraordinary and genuine, each photo a memory to be cherished. If you like my style, or want more information, please feel free to contact me.

Kay Peebles Kay Peebles

Ginny Corbett Photography

Your love shines through every photograph.  As I watched you photograph Julie & Beruk’s wedding, I saw your love and passion.  What a wonderful blessing for us all.

Ginny Corbett Photography

Kay Peebles