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Wedding Photography Packages ~ Starting at $4000

Choosing a wedding photographer can be tough. There are so many choices. And after looking at four or five websites, it all starts to run together. So, how do you choose the photographer that is going to capture the memories from one of the most important days of your life? Well, I don’t recommend ‘Eenie Meenie Miney Mo’. But, I do have some tips for helping you narrow down the choices and make a decision you will be happy with.

There are three very important things you should consider when making your choice: The skill of the photographer, how much experience the photographer has, and the photographer’s style.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

(1) Will I be heartbroken if my photos don’t turn out great?

If you answered ‘yes’, I’d recommend going ahead and marking any newer photographers off the list. I built my photography skills first by shooting family portraits. I wasn’t willing to risk something as important as a wedding day to hone my skills. Family portraits can be days cannot! Taking good photos is so much more complicated than aim and shoot. Once I was confident in my abilities, then I switched over to weddings. And I’ve been dedicated to making couples happy for 7 years now.

(2) If something goes wrong, how important is it for me to have a photographer who can minimize the impact of problems and keep things flowing smoothly?

As much as I wish I could say every wedding I have ever shot was perfect, that’s just not reality. Hiccups happen. Sometimes it’s the schedule. Sometimes it’s people. Sometimes it’s just the weather. There are things that will be out of everyone’s control. I have navigated through many difficult situations (some bigger than others!), kept everyone calm through it all and made sure the focus stayed where it should be...celebrating the love of the bride and groom.

(3) What style am I looking for in my photos?

Maybe your heart is set on very traditional photos. You could be looking for photos that incorporate the environment your day is taking place in. Or maybe what is really important to you is capturing the raw emotions of your day. Whatever you are dreaming of, find a photographer whose style matches. You can check out my About Page to learn more about me and what drives my style of photography.

If there was one more thing I could emphasize about choosing your photographer, it would have to be personality. I am a firm believer in ‘a comfortable bride is a beautiful bride’. So, if the three questions above still leave you with a few options, meet with each photographer. See which one you really ‘hit it off’ with. Who makes you feel the most at home? That’s who I would choose! Take your time and do a little bit of research to answer these questions. I believe you can feel absolutely confident in your ability to make a good decision.

My wedding packages start at $4000. If you have any questions about working with me that you didn’t find answers to on my website, please contact me. I’d love a chance to chat with you so you can get to me know better.

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