Kelly & Jon Durham | Rustic NC Wedding

Sunday, September 21, 2014 Posted in Wedding 
Dear Jon Durham & Kelly, I am completely blown away by the authenticity of your love, and tangible joy that I witnessed at your wedding today. Your family and friends will be forever etched in my memory as a group of people who love you both whole heartedly, and I'll never forget the full spectrum of emotions I encountered throughout your entire day. Thank you for giving me and Mark the gift of photographing your dream wedding. Cheers to making "simple" a priority in your marriage. Love you both!

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  1. cindy woodhouse Sep 24th, 2014 6:50PM

    Awsome, Awsome pictures. You really captured that total feeling of that day!

  2. Gail Kahn Ballard Sep 22nd, 2014 6:13PM

    Great job capturing rustic, Southern marriage. The happy joyous moments were breathtaking. Enjoyed all the photographs, job well done!

  3. Cammie Lewis Sep 21st, 2014 10:24AM

    Ginny you were awesome. I love the way you took the time to know each person in the wedding personally. It was never a chore to be taking pics with you. It was fun. I love your skills, your eye and personality. You made this day even more special for Kelly and Jon D. Thank you again!

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Janine & Matt | Highgrove Estate Weddings

Monday, September 15, 2014 Posted in Wedding 
Janine and Matt, there are not enough beautiful words in the entire dictionary to sum up my love for you both. It was my deepest honor to photograph your wedding today. Cheers to you, your love, and a lifetime of NFL football, folk concerts, and amazing craft beers. I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have been brought into your lives through the avenue of photography. Love you both!

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  1. Andy LaCombe Sep 26th, 2014 11:36AM

    After several years of attending numerous weddings, I can honestly say Ginny was the most professional and creative. Terrific job.

  2. Janine & Matthew Sep 17th, 2014 2:59PM

    We love you Ginny! You are the most amazing photographer and we're honored to also call you one of our best friends! Thank you for capturing our special day :)

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Kathryn & Grey | NC Wedding Photography

Friday, September 5, 2014 Posted in Wedding 
Kathryn and Grey

Kathryn and Grey hosted one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen. They, themselves, are a beautiful couple...vibrant, full of joy and free-spirited. Their smiles are contagious. And, they are adventurers at heart!

Kathryn’s dress was magnificent. It was a champagne tulle that turned the slightest blush hue in the sunlight. The Bridal Party’s attire was very classic. The bridesmaids wore black tea-length cocktail party dresses with black pumps. All of the bridesmaids had red nails with their hair half up and half down. The men wore classic trim suits with ties….except Grey wore a black bowtie. I always end up loving how the classic look doesn’t compete in photographs with the joy on everyone’s faces. Rather it serves to draw attention to the bright smiles and twinkling eyes.

Before the ceremony Grey was so nervous. He actually showed up early and kept himself calm by playing the piano. Kathryn was giggly and busy getting ready and making sure everything was where it needed to be. The ceremony was held at St. James Methodist Church in Greenville, NC. Our initial plan for the First Look was to shoot it outside at Greenspring Park, but it rained ALL day. So we moved the First Look location to inside the sanctuary. We were all a little bummed that we couldn’t be outside, but Kathryn and Grey handled the weather with ease, and they didn’t allow it to derail them. The First Look turned out beautifully.

As I situated myself in front of the sanctuary, I could feel the weighty anticipation on Grey as he awaited his bride. His eyes were brimming over even before she entered the room. His brother, Cameron set the mood by playing the piano. There was a holy hush as we were awaiting Kathryn. Once Kathryn entered the sanctuary, she was giggling. With Grey’s back to her, she half ran, half skipped down the aisle to her groom. When Grey turned around, the tears spilled over, and he made sure he took in every detail. Kathryn was a glowing ball of joy, quickly helping Grey to transition from tears to laughter.

The reception was GORGEOUS!! It was held at Rock Springs Center which is one of my favorite reception venues in Greenville. The staff is so attentive to their brides and vendors and the meals are delicious! The dance floor was under a canopy of sweeping sheer fabric with twinkly lights over head. Each table had a lush centerpiece of white flowers with green accents. Candles flickered all over the space, making the elegant decorations feel soft and inviting. The dance floor was glossy black reflecting all of the beauty from the lights and the contemporary chandelier. The Emerald Empire Band was rockin’. They played an awesome mix of modern dance music with classic motown. The dance floor stayed packed the entire night.

In fact, my favorite part of the whole day was Kathryn and Grey on the dance floor. It was during the reception that I saw both of them fully come alive. When they danced together, it was like nobody else was in the room. I loved the way Kathryn’s dress flared out when she twirled. And, Grey has some serious dance moves!


Kathryn and Grey, during your ceremony, Reverend Joe Cox emphasized that when God creates, he steps back and says that it’s good. When God joined you two together in marriage, every one of us there could see that it was good. May you both continue in a lifelong adventure in the goodness of God.

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  1. Annaliese GIllette Sep 9th, 2014 5:25PM

    Swooning hard over the beauty that you captured, dear friend. You bless me with your art.

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